Creative Concept Presentation: Feedback

Thursday, 30 April 2015

The feedback from our presentation about our creative concept for our photoshoot was really positive  (phew)! Our lecturers and peers said that they could clearly visualise our concept because of our mood boards, which outlined our ideas and inspirations, and agreed our concept would be suitable and compelling for out target consumer if executed successfully.

Other comments were that we should consider how our brand name could form the narrative of our campaign and it was suggested that we should incorporate the name "Antoine" to perhaps form a love interest with our protagonist. However, we feel that the notion of a love story would be a little dated and ageing, particularly for our more mature consumer as we want to eradicate the associations that are attached to this age group by creating a stylish and modern campaign.

Our brand name is more abstract, much like the Miller Harris brand, and we believe a physical manifestation of "Antoine" would not cohere with our brand values. "Antoine" is the name of a French botanist and the concept behind our fragrance is that it is influenced by the French botanical gardens and the rich history of classic French perfumery. Thus, "Antoine" is a more of a source of inspiration for our fragrance rather than 'the face' of the brand.

To justify our decision, we asked women who fit within our demographic their opinion on the name of our brand and if they found the concept confusing. All of the women interviewed said they liked the name and were more intrigued by the 'Parisian' aspect rather than the actual name itself. They also said that a campaign revolving around a love story would not appeal to them as most were unable to relate to this, preferring something more stylish and vibrant rather than romantic.

We also feel that a love story campaign would not distinguish our brand from any other fragrance brand already within the market. Instead, we want to offer women and escape to a stylish and chic lifestyle, promoting a sense of independence rather than romance and tradition. 

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